A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Submitted as part of the Community Game Jam with the theme, 'The Game is a Liar.'
Had a lot of fun with the concept though the game is definitely lacking in some polish.

I assure you there is more to the game than the main menu and it is also possible to beat the game without dying. GLHF

Also if you are interested in hiring our narrator for voice work here is where you can find him.


PlatformsWindows, macOS


Mondays.zip 110 MB
Mondays Mac.app.zip 110 MB

Development log


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hi. just wanted to let you know "Mondays" was featured on the Indie Hunters Best of 2019 stream. it received an award for Hardest Boss (3:19:40)


this game was great and one that caught my eye with the animations. they were very nice and creative. i thought this was a "troll" game done right, where dying was actually fun. there were too many games (i played 600+ CGJ games) that had false instructions with no payoff other than dying and restarting.

i ran into a couple of bugs while playing, but id say they enhanced my experience lol.


Thanks so much for playing it and making a video! I went ahead and left a comment on it. Also thanks for noticing the effort we put into making a troll game that actually tries to NOT piss you off lol that was our top priority.


congrats for place 5 dude :D

Thanks man I still can't believe it!

Now, that you are at the top, and people will be looking into your game more...

Can you please make a Mac build:)

I will be making some bug fixes and pushing a mac build this week!

Ok. Reply to my comment so I'm notified when you do it

Alright it is up but un-tested. I fixed all the game breaking issues that I saw/heard about and updated it. I don't have a way to test the mac build though so I'll let you be the guinea pig! lol

It works, but you shouldn't heavily rely on 16:9 ratio, some text was off-screen (Mac has 16:10 ratio - a bit less wide).

Goose part was funny! I want full death by goose animation:)

oh true I didn't even think about the resolution being a problem on mac. Yeah I agree we had a much more gruesome plan for the goose death but alas we ran out of time.